E-Learning software includes multiple features that cater to different user roles.

Students- These are users who consume the eLearning content. Their objective is to learn and assess their own progress.

  • Search - for learning.
  • Assignments - one place to access everything that has been assigned to them.
  • Course View - interface to view content, take notes, etc.
  • Assessment - interface to take assessments.

Instructors - These are users who are responsible for delivering the learning content, assignment to the students.

  • Students - one place to view all their students with certain parameters..
  • Assignment - where they can assign learning to their students.
  • Assessment View - where they can view assessments submitted by students and manually grades them.


  • User Management - to create, edit, remove users.
  • Access Management - to authorized content and privileges, etc.
  • Event Management - Newsletter, Events, Announcement and Gallery Provision.
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